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Meet Dr. Nicole Pander

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Hi I'm Dr. Pander, a Naturopathic Doctor at Fortify in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

I love working with people and have a passion for health and wellness, both of which I take pride in within my personal life. My goal is to help my patients learn how to integrate both of these principles into their life as a lifestyle instead of seeing it as a chore. 

Currently I am seeing a general practise and taking patients with all health concerns. I also like to focus in Women's health and helping people age well and move easily throughout the transitions of their lives. This encompasses transitions such as puberty, fertility, pregnancy, menopause, or getting into the later stages of our lives where health starts to deteriorate. Along with this, I have a strong interest in cardiometabolic wellness, environmental medicine, and integrative cancer care. Prevention is key and I believe that if we start to make changes earlier in life, this can impact the next decades and provide a smoother transition thereafter.


When I'm not seeing patients you can find me outside going for nature walks, spending quality time with family and friends, cooking something delicious and nutritious, or flying in the family airplane with my passion for aviation. 

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