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Exercise and the Love/Hate Relationship

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Exercise is something we all know we should be doing, but how much is really needed?

We all know we have to do it and heard it’s good for us! This is nothing new.

Our bodies were built to move. Those 10,000 steps that you always hear about are no joke. Honestly, we should even be aiming for more than that. You’re probably thinking that it can be hard to get even 5000 some days, let alone more than that. Believe me, I totally get it. We have to be so busy in our daily lives and all we have energy to do after a long day is sit on the couch and relax with the best streaming providers. Today a lot of our jobs and hobbies lead us to spend more time sitting on our behinds than ever before. We eat more and sit more which may be causing a lot of health problems to skyrocket in today’s society.

I'm not saying I have to gym 7 days a week or run miles on miles to be healthy! That would be overdoing and detrimental to the body and our immune system likely causing more harm then good.

"Our bodies were built to move."

Research has found that humans can obtain a healthy body weight and enhance heart function in as little as: 3 days per week 20-60 minutes per day 70-80% MHR (Serfass et al. 1984) Max heart rate can be easily calculated using the quick rule of thumb of 220-your age=MHR! Of course, we want to implement this into our daily lives as a habit-forming activity and not something that we dread. No one wants to continue something that they hate!

So what have I found that I love? -Weight training: it gets my heart rate up, prevents boredom, makes me feel strong, and builds lean muscle helping to burn fat -Swimming: light impact on my joints so great for knees that hate pounding the pavement -Hiking: great scenery and tones a lot of leg muscles you don’t normally use What are your favourite forms of exercise? #wellnessjourney #wellnessadvocate#wellnesstips #holistic#wholebodywellness#integrativemedicine #feelbetter#fitness #exercise #nourishyourself#wellnesstime #move #movingforward#naturopathic References: PMID: 6371780, PMID: 16534088

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